A sanctuary for wellness and transformation

The Healing House was founded in 2015 by Nicole Reilly as a sacred space where women of a same purpose – to create wellness and transformation in others – can nurture their work, form a tribe and collaborate with others on a similar mission.

The energy behind this collaboration seems to have created a ‘vortex’ within The Healing House that many remark upon as they enter the space. Our’s is a place that we want you to feel comfortable in; a sacred space that is welcoming, nurturing, and safe. Your home away from home.

The work we do here nourishes our own souls and assists you in healing and transforming yourself via the mind/ body connection. Our intention is to serve our clients through the work that we do but also be open to conversations that you might think about but rarely have the opportunity to discuss.

We believe that it is important to have a sacred space to connect with others on a deeper level, a place to fill your thirst for knowledge where your curiosity has a home, and a community where YOU too can feed your soul and become part of a tribe.

Nicole Reilly
RN, CCH, Evidential Medium

Jessica Howell
Licensed Massage Therapist (No: LA5829)

Julie Watson Melancon
Leadership Development & Strategic Innovation

Shannon Shepherd
Licensed Massage Therapist (No: LA1278)

Kelly Villars
PT, DPT, CLT, Physical Therapist, Lymphedema Specialist

Jessica Gandolfo
Licensed Professional Counselor, EMDR Specialist, Solution Focused Therapist (No: LA2753)

Colette Melancon
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, EMDR Specialist, Solution Focused Therapist

Jill Thibeaut

Amanda Fresh
Spiritual Advisor & Reiki Master

Angela Willhoft
Spiritual Medium

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